Strategy Deployment

Do you have a clear strategy to enable future growth and sustainability in an ever-changing world?

What is Strategy Deployment?

Strategy deployment, which includes methodologies such as Hoshin Kanri, Policy Deployment, Agile and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), is a systematic approach to aligning an organisation’s strategic goals with its operational activities.

It involves cascading strategic objectives throughout the organisation, promoting clear communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Integrating strategy into daily operations enhances organisational focus, coordination, and agility, driving sustainable growth and success.

Put simply, it articulates throughout the organisation ‘where we are going’ and ‘how we’re going to get there’ and then governs the plan’s delivery to ensure you arrive!

Strategy Deployment

Hoshin Kanri has two distinct phases; planning and delivery. The process known as 'catchball' is used for establishing the vision and developing and deploying objectives, and PDCA is then used for delivery with regular monthly reviews. This can be broken into 5 clear steps:


Reflect on company core values and aspirations
Develop a compelling and actionable Vision Statement

Breakthrough Objectives

Identify 'ambitious' long-term breakthrough objectives
Evaluate, refine, & prioritise

Annual Objectives

Develop using the 'catchball' process to promote department engagement and alignment
Deploy & cascade by department, develop projects & KPIs

Implement & Review

Execute projects using PDCA
Monthly review of KPIs and progress to ensure success

Quarterly & Annual Reviews

Quarterly reviews of alignment to vision and to consider changing priorities
Annual reviews of progress as part of planning for next year

What are the benefits of implementing strategy deployment

  • Organisational alignment of strategic goals and objectives
  • Improved risk management, resilience, and adaptability
  • Increased focus through prioritising efforts and not trying to do too much
  • Improved accountability throughout the organisation
  • Employee engagement and sense of ownership
  • Cross-functional collaboration leading to efficiency and innovation
  • Resource optimisation, through clearly defined priorities
  • Improved clarity, transparency and communication

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